Colourful Sunday

Good morning people! I hope that if you’re dealing with a hangover or feeling blue my post will add a little spark and enthusiasm in your day!
5 tips to enjoy your Sunday to the max:
1. Sleep in.
Because you deserve it! Just because you’ve been working/studying/partying/working out hard the rest of the week today you are allowed to stay in bed forever!
Enjoy your beauty sleep beauties!
2. Have some coffee.
But not the same simple cofee you are having every day. Go out and grab some coffee with friends, try a new kind of coffee or add some flavored syrup to your usual latte.
You can also stay in and enjoy your cup of coffee at your favorite place of the house, e.g. at the balcony if it has a nice view. Take a little time to savor the coffee and think or just look around.
Master the art of doing nothing or as Italians would say  l’arte di non fare niente.
Yep,I know I’m getting a little Eat Love Pray now.
3. Indulge yourself.
Treat yourself to something sweet. And preferably colourfully eye-catching!!
4.Browse old photos.
It may make you feel a little nostalgic but it is a definite lighten-my-mood trick.
Derive happiness and strength from your beautiful memories.
5. DIY
This ultra-sweet bracelets are next in my to-do list (I’m in love with bracelets and the so called arm party trend that going on lately!!)
If you’re not feeling as crafty as I am you can also play and experiment with your hair, clothes and makeup. The results may suprise you!!
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