cause baby he’s a rockstar

There is always that particular guy, a specimen of alien species, the cool dude. (If you keep only the word dude, you have The Big Lebowski, but that’s another story.)

He’s good-looking; often without even realizing it. Maybe stylish. He’s into really good music/ playing a sport/ being a musician himself–or something equally artistic and equally addictive. He has that self-deprecating sense of humor, yet it comes across as funny, not uncomfortable. He doesn’t take himself too seriously.

And here comes the point I was so willing to make: He has an army of fans. 

It is a rule of nature that every single girl, at least once in her life will have a crush on a Mr. Cool Dude. They are out there and they are massive destruction weapons. And here is where my concerns rise.

Do you really want to be a part of his fan-club? Follow him around with your eyes (we’re not on twitter birdies!), get over-excited without (serious) reason when he casually says something deeply meaningful like “Hi” or “Good morning” and bite halfway your French manicure when he talks to another person of the opposite gender (I know what your first thought was: “Bitch!” Been there, done that said that out loud. Oops!)

As part of my over-reacting, over-thinking and over-analyzing personality I can’t help but wonder: Why is that happening? How can a man (apart from Johnny Depp, George Clooney and James Franco sans ridiculous mustache) have a fan-club? Is something like that sustainable? Do fans eventually grow tired of him, develop new crushes and he changes his status from “Mr. Cool Dude” to “Lonely Boy”? Is he destined to be alone? Date one of the fans? Date a girl outside the fan-club (a girl that all fans can dislike in unison)? Why and how do fans get over him? Do they get disappointed due to the plethora of the rivals surrounding him? Does he grows ugly or show signs of being uninterested about everything but his music/ sport/ shoes/ hair?

Finally, a question of utmost importance that will, however, remain unanswered (unless you possess some Being John Malkovich skills): How the cool dude feels when he is surrounded by female fans?

Am I right for asking all these questions or should I get a hobby?


(photos via Stockholm Streetstyle and tumblr)

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