The One About Hoping in Vain

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl with enviable Rapunzel-esque hair sitting by her window, up in the highest tower of her castle, waiting for Prince Charming to come by on his white horse. Fast forward five hundred years and a girl is staring anxiously at the phone, waiting for the cute guy who asked for her number last night to call. Twenty-ish (?) years later and I am sitting in front of my computer; I can’t help noticing that he’s also online on Facebook and wonder why he’s not writing to me already. Would another half hour online –screw early morning classes- help him register my presence online and motivate him to actually send me a message? We are after all the generation that grew up with the Paulo Coelho fallacy: “When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

The One About Hoping in Vain

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The One About Valentine’s Day

Sorry, this post is only in Greek. For more posts about Valentine’s Day in English click here and here – I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

Έφτασε πάλι εκείνη η μέρα που αγαπάμε να μισούμε. Ειδικά αν είμαστε single. Ακόμα περισσότερο αν είμαστε πολύ πολύ καιρό single.

Αγαπάμε να αγαπάμε όταν είμαστε ερωτευμένοι.

Αγαπάμε να αγαπάμε χωρίς λόγο, όπως κάνω εγώ που η συγκεκριμένη μέρα με βρίσκει πάντα χωρίς ταίρι.


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The One About Double Standards


“You went to the other side of the city for a Tinder date? Well, that’s pretty desperate.

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The One About Saying Sorry

Last week I picked up Erich Segal’s Love Story at the university’s library and spontaneously decided to include it in my 52 in 52 Reading Challenge for 2016. Yes, you read correctly, I intend to read 52 books in 52 weeks!

The introduction, written by Segal’s daughter, as well as the Goodreads review described it as ‘one of the most adored novels of our time, this is the book that defined a generation—a story of uncompromising devotion, of life as it really is . . . and love that changes everything.’

Well… It was a nice, light, uncomplicated read. Nothing more than that.

The book tells the story of two college students, Oiver, a half macho half sensible jock from a wealthy family on his way to a Harvard degree and a career in law, and Jenny, a sharp-tongued, working-class music student. They meet, fall in love, overcome the socioeconomic differences of their upbringings (or at least try) and get married after college graduation. I’m not going to spoil the end, but it is a ‘love conquers (almost) everything’.

Instead I’m going to focus on what has become one of the most famous lines from the book. If not the most famous, since it was even featured on the cover of the edition that I read.

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Every Monday at least one photo of Mariano Di  Vaio or Ian Somerhalder pops up in my Instagram feed.

Not because I’m following them – eventually I got tired of tapping on Di Vaio’s abs and unfollowed him – but because it is #mancrushmonday.

Which, according to Urban Dictionary, means that you have to reveal who is your man crush. And it must be done on a Monday.

Well, I have a Top 5 when it comes to man crushes:

#1 – Mr. Darcy

Oh, sorry it’s Colin Firth.


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The One About Kissing on First Dates

A friend of mine (who hopefully will not come after me in case she reads this post) recently went on a date with a guy. They met through mutual friends – Christmas holidays: connecting people. According to her assessment of the date, it went pretty well. Even though they were two relatively different people with regard to lifestyle and interests, they seemed to get along; no lengthy uncomfortable silences.

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Happy New Year!

Happy, happy New Year everyone!happy_new_year_page_1_of_365“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.

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Flân-art: The Volatile Diaries




One only rarely comes across comics that feel so relatable!

Agustina Guerrero on what it looks and feels like being a modern girl.

482152_418182574946121_2075809165_n-Recovered1__605 d9f6e8c6088254bb49796f50e734e248

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The One About Living Away From Home

Christmas period is well under way and, as a result, I am getting increasingly sentimental and introspective. This is why I would like to share with you my thoughts on living away from my family.

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The Edinburgh Diaries

What do you think of #yolo?

I think it’s something young people tell themselves to justify stupid decisions.

On the other hand, I wholeheartedly believe in good timing. Aka the kind of timing when you are young with

a) a week of no class,

b) some savings,  and

c) one of your closest friends just a short Ryanair flight away from you.

So this is pretty much the story of how E. and I decided to visit Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is …

… where the skyline of the city is fairytale-like…

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