A Series of Notebooks to Make You Berry Happy

One of the things that I love about London is the countless opportunities one gets to meet genuinely creative people. Serendipitously. It was a sunny Sunday towards the end of May and I was hanging around Columbia Road with my friend Lili and a gigantic bunch of sunflowers, when a girl with a 100-megawatt smile and a camera approached me. “Are you a blogger?”, she asked.

“Yes, erm, why”, I hesitated.

“Could I take a photo of you holding one of the notebooks I’ve designed?”

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The One About The Happiness Project: January Resolutions

To adopt a resolution you have to decide what you want from life.

Well, in 2017, I wish to be … happy.

Happier, to be precise.

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Instagram: Wanna Be Real-Life Friends?

Are you on Instagram? No? You should be. Yes? Then you’re probably more likely to understand what I will talk about.


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#instalove: Favorite Instagram Accounts

Instagram was love at first sight. To some extent, I even like it better that facebook, my all-time favorite social media network. Not a week passes by without me following a couple new accounts.

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