Blurry Images

In this post I’m happy to present to you blurry images we took to keep our memories intact.
Here come the boys: Angelo and V. Angelo keep showing up in my blog simply because “cameras are attracted to me”, as he said.
We were casually strolling along the marina when we decided to dance. 

Artemis, aka Miss Legs 2014, wanted to join us but we wouldn’t let her.

She is camera shy…
…whereas Angelo is not shy at all!

Shall we dance (again)?
 That’s my girl Anastasia. She played photographer today, so sadly there are only a few photos of her. L What I like about this photo is that even though it’s blurry, one can still see the huge beautiful smile on her face!

I seriously don’t know what he was telling me. His expression is quite mysterious, as always.
Forever alone level: 1000. 
#badass #dontmesswithus
It was camera flash vs. Anastasia’s smile. The result? Bolt of lightning on my camera screen! 


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