As Read In … [That Kind Of Woman]

“So, I am silly. I am a goof, I break into accents, I quote things, I am loud. I make fun of myself. Why? Because being sexy is…. well honestly it’s too much work. I mean, at least back when I tried to adhere to the societal sexy quota for the 5 seconds I considered it then shook my head in negation. Sexiness, to the best of my knowledge comes in the moments when you have bedhead, wearing bikeshorts and his tee shirt. At least that is when I feel, truly appealling. Yeah, I love going out with my ladies wearing a cute outfit, painting up my face and putting on my pouty red lipstick. But, I can’t be that kind of woman all the time. That being someone who expertly applies eyeliner every morning, it’s not the kind of woman I am, it’s nearly impossible. I have realized being honest to what makes me me is what makes me That Kind of Woman. “

– as read in That Kind of Woman (tumblr). To read the rest of the entry click here.


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