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Food exists for every occasion. Birthday cakes for birthdays (obvi). Casseroles for cold nights. Chicken soup to rid a cold. Bacon wrapped jalapeños for pot lucks. Cookies for the holidays. Salads for getting cute and healthy…and then…and then there’s heartbreak food.

You know…food for when your heart actually hurts. And you need something to hug you and tell you it’s gonna be okay. And tell you that it’s actually for the best. And that despite life being hard, good things are on their way. Because they are.”

-Adrianna, A Cozy Kitchen

Yep, another sign of my growing food-blog addiction! Click here to see the rest of this mouth-watering post!

PS: I’m currently making a list of stuff that I’d like to do as soon as I get back home (we’ll discuss it thoroughly in an upcoming post) and these pancakes are on the top of my to-do list!
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