All we have is now*

Now that the word’s end is approaching (especially if you believe in this kind of nonsense), I came up with the idea to create a list of all the things I’m truly thankful for*.
So, a toast to:

  • family
  • new friends
  • old friends
  • tequila shots
  • hot coffee on rainy mornings
  • chick lit books
  • musicals and glee covers
  • fierce high heels
  • warm gloves
  • romantic comedies
  • men who cook
  • hot Italians
  • snow ball fights
  • new starts
  • festivals
  • impromptu kisses (impromptu birthday parties, as well)
  • songs you can dance to
  • songs you can cry to
  • Facebook (here it goes, I said it! I’m addicted to it.)
  • tiramisu, cheesecakes, straciatella ice-cream and Apfelkuchen
  • dictionaries
  • theme parties
  • staying up all night long
  • cities we know like the back of our hand
  • cities we’ve never visited -yet we’d die to! (oh wait, this is about to happen!)
  • lace lingerie
  • old photos (yes, even those taken when we were 6 and probably toothless)
  • mulled wine (Glühwein)
  • pearl earrings
  • black sunglasses
  • red nail polish
  • latin clubs
  • really cheesy music
  • strangers exchanging glances
  • clear skys with lots of bright stars
  • driving with really loud music on
  • exchanging messages online late at night (while you should have been sleeping!)
  • GNO getting ready sessions
  • hand cream
  • glossy magazines
  • returning home
I’ve probably forgotten like a thousand things but isn’t it predictable? There are so many things to be grateful for. Like being young, healthy and the owner of a Garfield look-alike.
Lots of love,

*I could also call everyone I know and say how much I love them –or just the naked truth, but I’m too busy to do that since I got another dance class tonight! The winter ball is planned for the end of January, so I’m perfectly sure we’re all going to survive.

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