A Change of Subject

Two nights ago I was at a party talking to a handsome and well-travelled chap. He was telling me about his visit in Athens and how much he had enjoyed it. Since I come from Athens, there are only a few things about which I enjoy talking as much. While he was passionately describing his affection for the local food and the feel of the hot, relentless Mediterranean sun on his skin, I – for some unthinkable reason – decided that our discussion about Athens required some sort of commentary on Greece’s current political-economic situation.*

And then he stopped me dead in my tracks.
“To be honest, I am not that well informed about this issue and I am not really interested in talking about politics”, he said.
For a moment or two I felt slightly offended.
But then I reconsidered.
Even though his statement sounded slightly rude it actually saved me from the embarrassment of talking to someone who would go from being mildly indifferent to being completely bored and him from being lectured on something he found dull.
How many boring conversations would I have avoided if I wasn’t too polite to change the subject? Of course, there are many, quite subtler ways to change the topic of a conversation, but most times I am so keen on not hurting someone’s feelings that I allow them to blabber on and on about a subject they’re particularly excited about (while I’m secretly wishing for someone to come and rescue me, Gerard Butler preferably).
What are your thoughts on changing the subject? How straightforward should or could one be? Is it a #sorrynotsorry thing?
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*Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably are aware of the referendum that took place last Sunday in Greece regarding their stay in the euro zone and austerity measures. If you have indeed been living under one, this article might help.
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  1. Definitely a #sorrynotsorry thing.
    Just think about how much time and nerves it would have saved us, if we changed the subject with one particular person?
    And it probably would make the relationship better.
    We really should consider following this guy's example from time to time 🙂


  2. Hahaha "with one particular person" 😉
    It is the kind of obvious realizaion that strucks you in the most unlikely moment.
    Πολλά φιλιάαααααα

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