#2567. Go on a IKEA date

As a kid and then as a teenager I used to love to-do lists (maybe I still do, if you consider that one of my favorite books is Mike Gayle’s The To-Do List). They expressed my inner need to put my thoughts –and the world surrounding me- in order, stay organized and have time for everything (and I’m not even a Virgo!).

When I saw the movie The Bucket List with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, I realized that I needed a list whose tasks would be a little more exciting than #124. Recycle your old school books or #342. What about painting your finger nails blue?* This explains my excitement when I came across a tumblr account called Your Bucket List a couple days ago. There are like hundreds and hundreds of tasks as photos, which makes creating a bucket list even more amusing.

Here are just few of the items in my own bucket list:

Done. But it wasn’t dark.
The learn fluent italian mania started when I read Eat, Pray, Love. 

Done. I was young, naive and dreaming of becoming an actress, so I autographed all my friends school books  and notebooks so when I’d become famous they would sell them for money and become rich.

It will happen.

Done. No, just kidding. But it will be so fun!

I was born and raised in the Sex and The City era. Guilty.

Done. Best feeling in the world. Laying in a hammock and gazing at the stars.

Just like the trip to Barcelona, this task is MEANT to be.

And here comes a task I couldn’t find (yet I send them a request), so I created my own picture.

What’s in YOUR bucket list?


*Shall I add that I managed to do both?
PS: Task #582 was “Try nutella” and I was like “What?”! Who hasn’t tried nutella yet? 
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