2013 Lessons: Tough Love

Friends are kind, friends have our back… Friends can also have a strange way of showing interest and affection. Sometimes that way can be so strange it might make you mad or angry. Make you question their initial intentions. Do they love to torture me, or what?

If you step back though and observe the situation from someone else’s point of view, it’s very likely that you’ll rethink it. Let me give you a “yes, it happened to me” example.

About ten days ago I had to make a presentation in one of my university classes. Nothing groundbreaking (I’m saving my scheme for making Ugg boots  illegal for the end of the semester, I think it’ll make really enjoyable term paper material), but still very interesting. However, I was pretty stressed since I’m no good at presentations.  and considering that this one was in English and my English accent is –hands up- practically hilarious in a bad way, I had a couple extra reasons to worry about. That’s why I decided to rehearse it once in front of my friends before heading to class. When I finished talking I noticed that one of my friends had been keeping score of all the “hmm” and “ehh” noises I made while speaking. To top it all, he also made a list of all the words that I pronounced wrong.

At first I was speechless. Then red. Then fast and furious –seriously, I stormed out of the room; my reaction was pretty… explosive.

If I had realized it earlier I’d probably frozen and refused to go on with my presentation. 

Talking on the phone about that incident with mum after a couple days she pointed out to me that there were probably only good intentions behind it. “He wasn’t trying to mock you, he just wanted to help. And I find the idea pretty smart. How did you do after that?” Funny story, but my presentation went on really well. Other stuff played an important role as well –the professor being as über handsome and manly as always shouldn’t be neglected, yet…

…I’d like to say thank you.

Family and university professors are the same. There are situations when you can’t simply laugh off your mistakes or make excuses. They might often give you a hard, hard time, but at the end of the day it’s for your own good. Every cloud has a silver lining, even if it’s not that easy to see it sometimes.


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