10 Things I Hate About You (Part II)

Hello, my bitchy –yet truthful- commentary on street fashion and I are back! The show must shouldn’t go on:

6.Children’s hair accessories. Unless you are 4 years old and you want to impress your best friends in kindergarten, I see no reason to your wearing colorful hair claws and hair clips with strawberries/ cherries/ lollipops/ hot balloons or butterflies on your hair. This also applies to t-shirts and shoes that have cartoons or enlarged versions of fruits.
7.      Running shoes. They are comfortable. They are… suitable for running. Yes. So why do you still wear them when you go shopping or out for coffee? Gods of fashion have invented all those other kinds of shoes that are comfortable yet stylish (see ballerina flats, boots, sneakers that do not say “I’m competing for America’s Next Top Runner.”*) I would also like to add that pairing your sweatpants and running shoes with an expensive it-bag does not mean instant style. It simply looks like a desperate attempt to dress up an outfit that belongs to the gym and only.
8.      Juicy Couture velour hoodies worn with Juicy Couture velour pant of the same color. I don’t have any particular reason for that one. I just despise velour as much as Angelina loves adopting children. And the candy pink ensemble looks like pajamas.
9.      Leggings worn as pants. You are sexy, you know it and you have to make the rest of the world aware of your sexiness, as well. What happened to skinny, curve hugging jeans? Perfectly fitting dresses? Shorts? If you love your leggings that much (I understand you 100%, I spend winter practically living in them.), try to pair them with a slightly longer blouse or a dress.
10.  Too short skirts worn with too high heels. Honestly, it looks trashy and it attracts the wrong kind of attention, no matter in how great shape your legs are. I would suggest pairing them with a cute pair of flats, sandals (now that the days become longer and warmer) or sneakers, like Jules, the blogger behind Sincerely, Jules. She’s one of my favorites!

 *I’m daydreaming about these right now. J
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  1. Πίστεψε με, όλη την χρονιά βαρέθηκα να βλέπω κάθε μέρα στην σχολή συνδυασμένα το 6 και το 7, μαζί με καρό φούστα..

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