10 Things I Hate About You (Part I)

Have you seen the movie “10 Things I Hate About You”? It’s one of my all-time favorites –the cast, the plot, the soundtrack. I stopped counting the times I’ve hit replay on YouTube while watching Heath Ledger’s cover of “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” after surpassing three digit numbers. Yet no matter how much I love this movie I’m not here to write a review about it.

I spent the last week outdoors. When I say outdoors, I imply that I came home only to change outfits and sleep. My constantly being among other people helped me pick out 10 “trends” (if I’m allowed to call them so) that I literally hate. And I don’t use the verb hate often.

This is the exact expression I have on my face
when I see them…
  1. Dress worn over pants. Even sweatpants. What the hell? Did somebody told you that it looks good or that it is fashionable? And don’t even try talking to me about comfort issues. You already have sweatpants on. It doesn’t get any more comfortable than that.
  2. Neon shoes. I went shopping for simple beige, leather ballerinas (flats are my signature shoe). No matter how hard I tried, how many stairs I went up and down, how many miles I walked, the only ballerinas I saw everywhere had either huge neon pink and yellow bows on them (at the size of my fist) or other neon details. Or they were entirely neon. And I wonder… who is actually going to buy neon green flats? Nicky Minaj wannabes probably.
  3. Bright shoes and black tights. It just looks odd and tasteless to me. It also makes the legs look shorter.
  4. Coachella costumes.* I’m not very familiar with this event yet I have seen endless candid shots of celebrities or fashion bloggers attending it. Why did I use the word costumes? Because I see people who put on outfits they would otherwise never wear, just because they are going to Coachella music and arts festival and they want to “fit in” with the rest of the people that are truly attending it.
  5. What I like to call “trousers with no crotch.” This pants category does actually have a crotch area, yet it is not found where it is supposed to be. It is a dozen -or more- centimeters south. Such pants create a mysterious aura around the woman who wears them. They make men wonder. Men wonder about things like “Could she have a nice a**?” (pardon my choice of words) or “Does she have an a** at all?”

To be continued…


* I don’t live in California. But I adore my bloglovin’ account which allows me to read fashion blogs from all over the world. Follow me!!

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