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Hello, did you miss me? Well, I sure did miss you! Life has been so hectic –and a little bit stressful to be honest- in the past few weeks, but at the same time overwhelmingly exciting. First of all, I’m back in Germany. Saying goodbye to my family, friends and a particular non-friend was extremely tough this time, but I couldn’t wait to come back so as to get my life on track again. Now I’m only looking forward to the fascinating things (I hope) I’m going to learn this semester, the new people I’ll meet and the new places I’ll visit (I already visited Stuttgart with a couple friends a few days ago!).

Secondly, I moved into a new house which is really pretty. I’m going to have two roommates –both of them look really nice and friendly. Living with someone else who isn’t a family member is totally new to me. I purchased a huge HOME sign for my room and I’m looking out for more accessories to personalize my space. 

After saying goodbye to A., who is one of my oldest and closest friends and flew with me to Germany so as to experience a little of it and help me move (a gazillion thanks for that), I was overwhelmed with errands. But for the very first time in my life I felt so stressed. There were times I would panic and I still have sleeping problems.

This is what led to the decision to set a few resolutions for the new semester. I read somewhere that resolutions are not meant only for January 1, but also every week, every month, every… you get the idea. Here come my resolutions, I hope they will inspire you to make your own!

1. Keep calm and carry on.

Multiple doctors during summer told me that a couple problems that I faced was due to stress. Me? Stress? I’m the coolest person on earth. Or not. 

Truth is, stress can only be harmful and I don’t want to harm my body or mind in any way. I don’t want to be unhappy, worry about stuff all the time. It’s a hard process, but I want to learn to let my hair down and do not over-analyze everuthing. 

That’s why I’m trying not to procrastinate too much -lots of my stress comes from postponing things for later, organize and write down stuff, because I -what the heck- forget too much! I also try to do things that make me happy everyday: I talk to my family and friends via skype or facebook as often as possible, have lots of photos or inspirational images around, sing in the bathtub, wear fancy underwear and sweet perfume every other day. In addition, I started writing down all of my thoughts before going to bed and I ask lots of questions.

2. “I don’t know”.
I sware I’m going to banish this expression from my vocabulary from now on. Sure, one can not be sure about everything, but I won’t accept this kind of answer from me any more. I used to say it when people asked me what I’d like to do in the future (what I’m going to study, what I’m going to pick between translation and interpeting) when suddenly I realised that it’s not possible. It’s basically like I was saying “I don’t have goals, dreams or aspirations” and I don’t want to be that kind of person -nobody does actually. Something like “Wait and you’ll see” fits me better. Of course knowing what you want requires lots of thought and energy, prioritizing your needs and wishes.

I said it even when I went out for coffee or dinner. Sometimes we treat really unimportant decisions like what we’re going to order (!) like it’s something groundbreaking. I vote choosing up straight away. Not being afraid of bad choices -sometimes they make stories worth telling.

3. Bring it on.

That salesman broke my heart. I didn’t heard what he said the first time so I guess I looked a little confused and tried to ask him to repeat what he just said. He interrupted me saying “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” (Do you speak German?) and went on talking to me in English. 

Damn it. After one year in Germany, I still find myself at a loss for words, more often than not. And the salesman was the breaking point. I had enough -I’m not leting anyone else to take me for a tourist. If the end of this semester doesn’t find me speaking fluent German, please stop talking to me (if you’re German. If you’re of different ethnicity please talk to me, otherwise it would be very lonely.)

Well, that’s a wrap. Of course I have a trillion mini goals (like learning how to cook properly, be more spontaneous, read more literature and start my assigments earlier), but I’m sticking to these three for the time being.

What’s your goals for this semester? Btw I’d like to wish a wonderful one to all of you, no matter at what point you are with your studies!


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